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To all my clients I say Thank you for your support. Due to health related reasons, David and I have decided to close the doors of Salon Selah immediately.

Meet Amanda, Master Barber

Hello! My name is Amanda Kepley, owner of Salon Selah. I have been a licensed Master Barber since graduating Barber College at Middle Tennessee Barber and Styling College in 2005. I love making people feel beautiful from the inside out while achieving their desired look. I am very family oriented. I moved to the Manchester TN area with my Husband, David and our daughter, Aria in 2017 from Murfreesboro to live a slower paced life style and enjoy more family time together. 

In 2018, I moved my hair business from Murfreesboro to Manchester to be more involved in the small town we lived and get to know the locals on a personal level. When the tragedy of losing her husband suddenly struck the salon owner, she decided a change was needed and I would need to open my own salon…..

Then one Sunday, at our church (Encounter Life) our pastor (Adam Cutshaw) preached a sermon I will never forget……the meaning of the word Selah! I knew that day, the name of the salon would be Salon Selah….God was saying to Pause…..Break……Pray……Think……everything fell into place from then on.

I love to listen to my clients, and I strive to help them in every way I can. The very best thing is when I hear “I didn’t know that” or “I loved what you did last time” but I also love when my clients share where we can improve also, i.e. “this hasn’t been laying right” or “I feel like this side is heavy”. 

If you are looking to make a change to your hair, new to the area (like me) or just want to maintain your current style, schedule an appointment and let’s chat! I’d love to help you get the look you desire.